Gang Sheet Page Builder


Welcome to our Gange Sheet Page Builder.
On this page you'll be able to create your 23"x24" gang sheet page file in the format needed for production.

Step 1.
Click the "Choose File(s)" button to select your image files from your computer or mobile device.

Note: Make sure you have your designs with a transparent background where you don't want any white ink printed and shirt color to show through. Examine your design carefully, use the grid to see if it's transparent.

Images must have a sharp edge without a drop shadow or gradient transparency. Edge must be sharp for a clean transfer print.

Step 2.
Select the image you would like to duplicate and click the "Clone" button to clone it.

Step 3.
Arrange all your images to fit within our 23"x24" template, use the corner handles* to resize your artwork and the center handle* to rotate it .

Corner Handle

Center Handle

Keep in mind you will need to cut these individually so give your self some space in between the images.

Step 4.
Download your file and upload it into our Gang Sheet Heat Transfer page.