Sticker Materials


Gloss Laminated Stickers

Gloss Laminated (6 Mil Thick)

The ultimate sticker durability material ! Weather and adventure proof!! This premium gloss laminate further enhances your artwork. The glossy finish brings not only looks great but also protects your stickers.

Matte Laminated Stickers

Matte Laminated (6 Mil Thick)

The softest and most sleek material available at ZUG Monster. Not only is it eye appealing but it is also the perfect touch of elegance! The soft surface still keep’s ZUG Monster’s vibrancy and print quality guaranteed.

Gloss Vinyl Stickers

Gloss Vinyl (3 Mil Thick)

Gloss Vinyl- The OG material and the go-to for simple glossy stickers! This premium white vinyl further enhances your artwork. The glossy finish brings out the vibrant colors of your sticker to another level.

Matte Vinyl (3 Mil Thick)

This satin finish is also glare-free & smudge proof for the excess handling. he soft surface still keep’s ZUG Monster’s vibrancy and print quality guaranteed.

Holographic Stickers

Holographic Stickers

Want to further enhance your artwork? Give your custom sticker an iridescent effect with our holographic material. Give your logo/art a psychedelic pop! Print white for a deeper color effect.

Chrome Stickers

Chrome Stickers

This material has a metallic finish and look. This is not like holographic where it has a rainbow effect. Chrome is like looking into a mirror.

Holographic Crystal Stickers

Holographic Crystal Stickers

This an upgraded twist to the classic holo. Our unique crystal material shines like holo but sparkles with it's unique crystalized pattern.

Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers

This transparent material is available for full color print. You can also add white behind your custom artwork to reduce the translucent effect of our clear material.

Reflective Stickers

Reflective Stickers

This material seems to be a normal sticker at first, but has a reflective color pop when the light shines on it. This is perfect for construction workers, bike riders or simply just for fun!

Wood Stickers

Wood Stickers (25 Mil Thick)

Full-color printed wood with 3M adhesive backing to ensure the best adhesion. Keep in mind this is natural wood so it will not be weatherproof. Also because of its natural characteristics and grain differences each sticker will be unique.

You decide the shape you decide the artwork and we will provide you with high-quality stickers!

Laminated vs. Non-Laminated

Benefits of lamination

Lamination is a layer of material in order to improve the durability, strength, and appearance of a sticker. The Lamination process creates an extra layer applied to the top of printed stickers that is scratch proof, resistant and will increase the lifespan of your sticker.

Lamination Types

ZUG Monster offers two Different types of lamination processes. Lamination is used to protect your custom sticker from UV  lights and for more durability. The lamination finishing process is the best protection to your custom stickers and labels.

  • High Gloss Laminate - This protective finish is ideal for outdoor use, cars, dishwasher safe and anything in between! This lamination process makes your stickers scratch, water and weather resistant. Not to mention keeps your vibrant colors intact and radiating like it just came out of our print shop!
  • Matte Laminate - Matte lamination finish is the sleekest most elegant finish!  This laminate gives your custom sticker a smudge and glare free look. Matte laminate is perfect for all your product labeling needs! Most resistant when used indoors (although it is still UV protected!) 

What is UV Protection?

A thin clear layer of protection against sun, weather and wear and tear of day to day use.